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Mahou shoujo saving the world.
My blog has a tendency to be a bit on the yuri side.

❤ Drawing, Persona 3/4, suffering megucas, moe meidos, school uniforms.

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Track: White Lie
Artist: Jhameel
Album: Waves: White Lie
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White Lie | Jhameel

Track: 나쁘다 ft. 진실
Artist: Tablo
Album: Fever's End
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i never seem to get tired of listening to this song on repeat. i feel like it gives me a sort of nostalgic and sentimental value and i never know whether to feel happy or sad but it makes me feel at peace and idky why but it feels like an important song to me

by Danilo Agutoli

❝ He holds me so tightly I can feel the faint beat of his chest, like the wings of a moth. ❞

- Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller (via cinnabeun)




can you believe the animation errors in frozen


Hey, so I’ve hit 300+ followers today and yeah, I’m still having a hard time believing this myself. Thank you all for following me and being interested in my art.

To celebrate I’m going to be having an art giveaway being why the heck not. There will be only one winner. Full body, colored, with some kinda background. They can be a fan character, an OC or even an existing character; a regular person, an animal or whatever you want.


  • You must be following me, this is my way of thanking my followers after all.
  • Likes and Reblogs are one entry each; more than one reblog won’t get you more entries.
  • You have 48 hours to reply, if you don’t reply in the given time I will redraw and pick someone else.
  • Giveaway ends April 26th 12:00am EST

Once again, thank you all for following me, this means alot to me. Thank you and good luck~